No, your eyes will need to be dilated in order for the specialists to be able to assess the condition of the back of your eye. The drops used to dilate the eye can take apx 2 hours to wear off and it is not safe to drive during this time.

You should anticipate that your eyes will need to be dilated at every appointment. If you have driven to your appointment it is important to let the staff know.

You can expect to be at the clinic for 1 – 1.5 hours, this may be shorter or longer depending on what tests need to be done and how your eyes react to the drops that are needed to dilate your eyes.

  • Bring your glasses,
  • A list of your current medications,
  • Your referral if this has not already been sent,
  • Your Medicare, Health fund and Pension details

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If you have a current referral Medicare will give you a rebate for your visit and most of the tests or treatments that you require. The amount that you get back will increase if you have reached the Medicare threshold but it does not cover the full cost of the visit.

We can process this claim for you after you have paid, if you have lodged your bank details with Medicare a refund will go into your nominated account usually within 24hrs.

Your health fund does not cover any in rooms visit.

We will need you to complete some paperwork for us if you have not received this in the mail prior to your appointment, this will give us the details that we need to have on file such as your Medicare number, your contact details, your GP and your Next of Kin contact.

The ophthalmic technician will take your history, do an assessment of you eyes and check your vision and do any tests that have been requested. The dilating drops may be put in your eyes at this point.

After this initial assessment you will be seen by the doctor and he will review the results of the assessment, discuss any problems you are having and plan your ongoing care.

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