Laser Retinopexy

Laser retinopexy refers to the use of laser to “spot-weld” the retina around a retinal tear.


A retinal tear can occur when a vitreous detachment occurs. The vitreous is the jelly like material filling the cavity of the eye. During the ageing process, the jelly shrinks and collapses. In the majority of patients there is no consequence from this. In a small group of patients, the vitreous is firmly attached to the retina and can tear when pulled upon. A retinal tear can lead to a retinal detachment which is a potentially blinding condition.

By spot-welding the retina around a tear, the risk of retinal detachment can be minimised


This is performed in the rooms.

  1. A drop is instilled to numb the eye.
  2. A special contact lens is then held to the eye. The laser is performed through the lens and also helps to keep the eye still and the lids apart.
  3. You may see some green flashes of light. You should avoid trying to look at it. In most cases there is minimal discomfort.

Post Laser:

Your eye may be checked again in a week or two to ensure an adequate scarring reaction and ensure no new tears have developed.